Ekphrastic Poetry 

EKPHRASTIC POETRY: The Art of Words on Art
taught by Cleaver Poetry Editor Claire Oleson,
January 22 — February 26, 2022
Asynchronous with optional Zoom meetings 11 am ET on Saturdays Jan 29th, Feb 5, Feb 26
Class Limit: 14
Questions: olesonc@kenyon.edu
Class Limit: 14

In this course, we will read and write ekphrastic work: that is, poetry that responds to, echoes, amplifies, and or converses with works of visual art. This class aims to both expose participants to a wide variety of ekphrastic writings as well as cultivate their own ability to see beyond the literal and bring the personal in conversation with the descriptive. Far more than merely describing a painting or detailing a sculpture, this workshop asks its students to learn how to place their own voice on the paint, on the marble, and come away with far more than a museum plaque is asked to offer.

Each week, we will look at two to three poems that focus on a shared medium of artwork and investigate how they bring something illuminative and transformative to the pieces they draw from. This class is designed to create a platform on which to find, develop, and hone the ability to apply language to art. Navigating the gap between the two, and gaining the sight to selectively amplify and diminish the desired elements, will allow the poet's voice to not only present a painting, but more vitally, present their own gaze on a specific piece’s role in a specific onlooker’s life.

For five weeks, participants will be encouraged to find themselves within their language and explore the ways in which they may take on an identifiable sense of voice, self, and vision on the works of art they choose to investigate. Fundamentally, this is a workshop about seeing one’s own eyes and inviting readers into that sight.

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